All treatments include hot towels, hot stones, cupping and aromatherapy.

(at no extra charge)

Thai Yoga Bodywork

60 MINS $85•90 MINS $115•120 MINS $150

Thai Yoga Bodywork, traditionally called Nuad Boran, is an ancient healing art form rooted in mind, body and spirit. Thai Yoga is spreading around the world, with more and more people discovering its deeply therapeutic and regenerative qualities.

Its roots are deeply woven in Theravada Buddhism, Ayurvedic medicine and a rich culture from the people of Thailand. Over 2,500 years ago Thai Yoga Bodywork was developed by physician Jivaka Khumarbhaca, who served in the Buddha’s shrine and monastery.

During a Thai bodywork session restorative stretching, joint mobilization, acupressure along the “Sen” or wind channels of the bodies energetic system and varying pressure massage are applied to the client’s body starting from the feet up to the head. This is to guide the natural flow of energy through the body to reach its optimum potential. Thai Yoga has been described as deeply relaxing, therapeutic and revitalizing. Thai Yoga Bodywork is for all body types and is helpful for a wide range of ailments. This modality is helpful for people looking to increase mobility in the joints, improve circulation or restore vitality to the whole-person.

For mobility purposes and comfort the client is dressed in comfortable, flexible clothing. Thai Yoga Bodywork is given the traditional style; on the floor mat using bolsters and pillows.

Request an add-on of a traditional herbal preparation; a thai compress, filled with herbs that aid the body in decreasing inflammation and brings a soothing warmth to aches and pains. Enjoy the pleasant aroma of the steaming herbs while receiving your massage as well as the deeply healing qualities of each individually prepared herbal bundle.

Thai Herbal Compresses can be added on to your massage for $20 and are highly recommended.


60 MINS $85

Shiatsu is a derivative of traditional Chinese bodywork called Tui Na. It is a clothed rhythmic massage that greatly benefits the nervous system and can be as deep or as gentle as you like. 

Holistic “Integrative” Massage & Bodywork

60 MINS $80•90 MINS $110•120 MINS $150

The body records all that we experience in our lives in a vast network of connected layers within our tissues, muscles and fascia. Through our experience, we have found that receiving massage & bodywork is a way to find balance in our lives and discover inner guidance from the heart.

Massage & bodywork therapy helps us let go of things we’ve been storing in our bodies so that we may move into a more positive place of self-love and connection with others.

By integrating a swedish style with deep tissue, trigger point therapy, long strokes, thai table stretches, myofacial techniques, Shiatsu and the subtleties of CranioSacral energy work a profoundly nourishing and regenerative space is created.

The work has been described as transformational and visionary.

Schedule a treatment today and welcome inner peace.

Prenatal / Postnatal Massage

60 MINS $80•90 MINS $110•120 MINS $150

We are passionate about caring for women during their pregnancy!

During a prenatal or postnatal massage, intentional touch provides nourishing and grounded support for a woman’s birth journey. Receiving prenatal massage helps the mama-to-be feel a peaceful transition into this new chapter of life while relieving the body of aches and pains. The massage is performed in the side-lying position, comfortably bolstered with pillows.

A prenatal massage includes swedish (relaxing) strokes combined with therapeutic work targeted on areas of the body that are most affected during pregnancy and a variety of stretches that will aid in restored flexibility and overall well-being.

We consciously provide heart-centered care for women in all stages of pregnancy.



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 Shea Olinger, Thai Yoga Bodyworker,  side/heart opening assisted stretch.

Shea Olinger, Thai Yoga Bodyworker,

side/heart opening assisted stretch.

 Metta Heart Healing Arts treatment space.

Metta Heart Healing Arts treatment space.

 Hot stone therapy.

Hot stone therapy.

 Sacred work.

Sacred work.