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Alana House

Buck Naked Plant Medicine

My name is Alana and I am the face and createss behind Buck Naked Plant Medicine. I am a community herbalist, birth and death doula, mother, and lover of the land and sea. I have studied plant medicine, herbalism, and energetic healing for well over a decade and my formal education is in Health and Wellness promotion with emphasis on women's health and sexuality, nutrition, and alternative healing.

Originally from Maui, Hawaii, I now reside in the lush Appalachian mountains of Asheville with my family, where I spend my days raising my children, living close to nature; working in my garden, spending time in the woods, reading and learning, and creating in my apothecary.

My primary focus is the herbs that I grow and that grow wildly around me, although I do use herbs sourced from other small farms.

I am honored to be walking this path and living close to nature.

My herbal consultations are intended to get to the root of your illness or imbalance, unwind patterns, and offer tools; including herbs, nutrition, essences, and lifestyle changes to support you in living your most healthy and vital life.

Healing is a journey- we are complex and individual beings on individual paths. Each of our stories are unique- so each of our needs towards whole health will be so as well.

My work as an herbalist is to see you as a whole, to get a wide picture of who you are and to support you in finding where the root of imbalance is and to offer support and empowerment to weave your way to your very best self.

I would love to work with you.

Initial Consultation- 90 minutes- $90:

You will fill out the in depth intake form before our time together so that I can get a more complete picture of your being.

In our time together you will have a chance to speak your story of health and your life- explain what being fully well will look like for you- and explore hopes and goals. We will develop a realistic plan, suited to your needs and lifestyle, and I will offer herbal recommendations.

Initial consultation will include a 2 oz formula or simple tincture.

A follow up session is recommended to check in on how things are working for you and change things up if necessary.

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Follow up Consultation -45 minutes- $45:

In this time together we will follow up about how integrating your formula and routine is going. We will assess and adjust if necessary. You will be offered guidance and support in continuing to move forward on your path to whole healing.

It is recommended to follow up a month or so after your initial consultation and again after a few more months or as needed.

Herbal formulas are available at a discounted price of $10 per ounce for all clients.

To schedule a consultation with Alana you can email her at



Hanna Kennedy

Sunlit Massage

My goal through massage, is to create a safe space, where my client experiences communication from their body through touch, getting to know more of themselves with every session, whether physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually - ultimately integrating mind/body/spirit. Through in-depth intakes with my clients, together, we can create a personalized massage with each visit, tailored to your needs in that given moment. And with my invaluable education at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, I learned and enjoy integrating Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, craniosacral, shiatsu and trigger point techniques. My favorite modality to practice is Shiatsu, a rhythmic massage which calms the nervous system, allowing our innate intelligence to help sooth dis-ease.

60min - $60, 90min - $90, 120min - $120, 60min Shiatsu - $70

To schedule an appointment with Hanna you can call her at 985-226-5162

Please contact me within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment for any cancellations. You will be charged in full for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.